LogoCowboy is an exciting way to buy unique logo designs and domains instantly, and directly from talented designers all over the world.

And because LogoCowboy selects contributing designers by invitation only, you wont have to pour over thousands of mediocre designs to get to the good stuff. LogoCowboy can help your business save money and time, because you see your logo before you buy it! No briefs, less shattered expectations, and more happiness all round. LogoCowboy respects the traditional design process too, so if you choose to hire one of our designers to make a completely custom logo for you from scratch, that’s OK too, in fact its encouraged.

Founded in 2011 in Chester, Connecticut, by Graphic Designer Gregory Grigoriou, LogoCowboy is a store for distinctive and original logo design and domain names. At LogoCowboy you can buy a logo and domain instantly, and even have us customize it for your specific needs. LogoCowboy stocks only the best logo design templates created by extremely talented and experienced logo designers. We know that the quality and character of your business brand is immediately conveyed through a well crafted logo design. At LogoCowboy you won’t find thousands of mediocre, uninspiring stock logo design templates because we are committed to stocking only the best prefab logo designs.  We want you to know that our logos are only sold once, and once they are purchased they are never sold again. You are receiving a one-of-a-kind logo design when you buy a logo from the LogoCowboy marketplace.

We Specialize in:

• E-Commerce logo design
• Social Media Logo Design
• Mobile application logo design (app logo design)
• Charity and Foundation logo design
• Business and Consulting logo design
• Technology Logo design
• Mascot Logo design

and so much moreBrowse our logo template catalogue to see our full range of logo designs and domain names.

Unique Domain Names

LogoCowboy is a great place to find original and creative business name ideas, and domain names are included with many of our logo designs. In many cases designers are open to selling the domain name without the attached logo design, so don’t hesitate to inquire. Logo designs pride themselves on flexibility.  Allow up to 60 days for domain names to clear, as newly registered names are subject to strict established domain transfer rules.


About Gregory Grigoriou—Principal Designer and Founder of LogoCowboy.com

Greg is a best selling illustrator and logo designer from Toronto, Canada, who specializes in creative logo design and vector graphics.  He brings an eye for simple beauty combined with a strong drawing ability to each logo he creates. Greg studied illustration at Sheridan College in Canada, and now makes his  home in rural Connecticut with his wife, graphic designer Amy Grigoriou and their two children. He founded LogoCowboy in 2011 when he recognized a need for a more boutique logo and domain marketplace experience where quality and craftsmanship is job one. His work can be seen in numerous Logo Lounge books, Communication Arts, Logo Pond, and his design studio website CoyWolf.com.

Our Designers

LogoCowboy features the logos of some of the best talents in the biz, see them all here. At this time LogoCowboy is recruiting designers by way of invitation only. To become a LogoCowboy contributing designer the qualities originality, craftsmanship and experience must be evident in your portfolio.

Our Design Methodology

LogoCowboy is always studying the business and design landscape to create logo templates that are on trend and in style. Our logos employ easy to use vector logo templates that every design firm can work with. The logos are ready-made logo templates, but because of the attention to detail and craftsmanship, your clients will never know it. LogoCowboy is committed to providing only logos that will look as good for your brand today as they do 10 years from now.  Our designers are hand picked for their unique design skills and attention to detail.

Save Money, Save Time, Get Immediate Satisfaction.

LogoCowboy offers you the luxury of seeing your logo design before you buy it. Hiring a designer to create a custom logo design takes time and money that you may not have in abundance, and still carries with it the risk that you might not be left satisfied. LogoCowboy saves you time while eliminating the risk. Many logo designs even include the domain name. Browse from our logo design gallery, buy a logo, and receive your files quickly. Need a logo template customized? Often at no additional charge we will edit colors, fonts, and even make small changes to the design of any logo in our catalogue. At LogoCowboy you are buying your logo from real people, who want you to be excited by your purchase. Get started today and view the logo template catalogue.

Our Guarantee

Every effort has been taken to ensure that each logo template you see at LogoCowboy is one-of-a-kind, totally unique, and only available for one time sale. When you buy a logo design from LogoCowboy, you and only you will own the exclusive rights to the design.

Return Policy

LogoCowboy has a strict “no-return” policy. Logos and domains purchased from LogoCowboy involve the release of sensitive documents and files relating to the exclusive rights of the logo that has been purchased. Vector files are considered highly sensitive and constitute real intellectual property; therefore LogoCowboy cannot send these files out more than once. The moment that files have been officially delivered via email, and domain transfer secrets released, returning the logo for a refund is no longer an option.

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