LogoCowboy Vendor Guidelines

LogoCowboy Upload Instructions:

1. Contact us at LogoCowboyHelp@gmail.com to request a designer account on Logo Cowboy. Upon approval, login details will then be emailed to you.

2. Log in at http://www.LogoCowboy.com/wp-login.php

3. Once inside you will see a products link at the upper left. Click to begin uploading a new logo.

4. Enter the logo title and fill in the description field.

5. Upload your logo using the Product Image panel at the right. The Product Gallery panel allows you to upload secondary logo images. Logo files should be uploaded in 1000 x 1000 .png format, and you can download the correct size template here: NEW template NEW template LogoCowboy.eps

6. Enter keywords associated with the logo using the Product Tags panel at the right. Be as generous as possible. Keywords are an important factor of logo views.

7. Enter the price using the “Product Data” panel in the middle of the page. Place the price under the field “Regular Price”. If you want the logo to be on sale you can enter a “sale price” as well. Offers are accepted on ALL logo cowboy logos (so bare this in mind when selecting your price).

8. When you are ready to submit, click the blue publish button on the right of the page.

Additional Notes:

•  Logos are pending until approved and posted by the LogoCowboy team.

•  Logo Cowboy takes 25% of each sale.

•  You are paid via paypal within 1 week of a sale.

•  You can sell your work anywhere you else you wish at the same time. PLEASE NOTE:  Once your LogoCowboy.com logo is sold you MUST REMOVE it from all other sites as well.

•  All logo sales include edits to color and name. After a purchase you will be contacted with the buyer’s details, and will be obligated to contact them within 48 hours to begin these edits and file deliveries.  If you are unable to perform the edits or delivery, you must contact LogoCowboyHelp@gmail.com to provide us with working files so that we can make these edits for you.

• Logo files should be uploaded in .png format, and you can download the correct size template here: NEW template LogoCowboy.eps

Email Logocowboyhelp@gmail.com if you have any questions.